Sunday Snapshot

Pancake breakfast, Rabbit Wing style. Homemade pancakes made with fresh buttermilk, homemade sweet cream butter, and syrup from our own trees. The sausage comes from an amazing local farm, but before long, I’ll be dishing out Rabbit Wing sausage too!


Lessons From Last Night


I learned some things on our farm last night, and I have a strong sense of duty about passing these tidbits of information on.  Without further ado, and in no particular order:


1) Pigs believe in free-ranging.

2) Pigs believe so strongly in free-ranging that they’ll bust out other animals not free-ranging.  Like chicks.  Six-week old chicks, on their first night in their new outdoor paddock.

3) Chicks have strong instincts about free-ranging as well.  And hiding deep within pine trees.

4) Pigs dig big holes.

5) Goat kids think it is So. Much. Fun. when you move their play pallets.  They’ll help you by getting underfoot and checking the backs of your legs for udders.  They will offer no assistance hauling said pallets or any of the concrete blocks you have over to block the pig holes.

6) Pigs are totally cool bunking in the chicken coop.

7) Chickens are totally not cool with pigs bunking in the chicken coop.

8) My one year old does not like being strapped into his carseat at bedtime, regardless of the music I provide for his entertainment.  He does not Want to Build a Snowman, he does not believe Love is an Open Door, and he absolutely is unwilling to Let It Go.

9) I do not own a pair of muck boots capable of standing up to pig muck.

10)My three year old refuses to name his colors, but he knows how to fill buckets with feed, and will haul them all over creation.  He is absolutely my little hero for it.  We do need to work on his understanding of “emergency” though.  He had a lot of questions about when the marching band would be arriving.

11) All of these things are much harder to deal with alone than with my co-farmer husband.  I’m a lucky woman to have people in my life who will drop everything to come help get my kids to bed while I deal with loose animals in rapidly dwindling daylight.

Sunday Snapshot


Buds on trees!

Sunday Snapshot

Another goat labor in progress. This is our last goat! Kidding season will be officially over!

First Babies!

Our first live babies were born today to Izzy. Both girls are doing well, eating and trying to move around.


This is Anna, the first baby I saw when I got to the barn. She was the second born – her sister Elsa was snuggled up to John.

Pretty girl. Looks like her Dad.



With Mama.


So excited about these two girls – a cause for celebration!

Sunday Snapshot

Eggs packed for sale.

Sunday Snapshot


Walking the new fence line with Daddy and looking for eggs.


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