And in the beginning, there was… so. much. work.

The idea to start a self-sufficient farm was born out of necessity,  foresight and perhaps even a little fear of the ways in which the world around us continues to change.  I wanted the opportunity to have a hand in the food my family eats, from start to finish.  I wanted to work the land and help build a homestead.  I wanted my child to grow up in a place where he could explore freely, where he could learn firsthand about the cycle of life, and where he would be surrounded by loving family.  I wanted to be free (mostly) of the demands of modern society, to live a conscious life, and to work for more than just a paycheck.

Two months in, and I feel simultaneously as if we’ve made so much progress, and like there’s so much left to do.  We’ve added goats, chickens and rabbits to the land.  We’ve begun building the house.  We’ve started on the winter garden.

And yet…

The housing for the various animals needs some major work, as we learn about our individual animals and more about how we really want to raise them.

The progress on the house is amazing, but there’s still a lot left to do and plan.

I’ve not yet finished planting all of our seeds for winter, and I’m embarrassed by how behind I am.

Add to that the growing list of new stuff we want to accomplish, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But… despite setbacks and reworkings… despite the rest of life that keeps popping up, I can’t feel disappointed, not really.  I’m learning—we all are—new things each and ever y day.  I’m falling more in love with the homestead every day, and I’m starting to imagine more than just the goings-on of the initial setup.  Bit by bit, and step by step, we’re moving forward.

And that’s a better feeling than any I could imagine otherwise.


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