Chickens and goats and turkeys… oh my.

The last of our new goats were born late yesterday afternoon to our goat, Pearl.  As of yet unnamed, the two boys seem to be doing great.  They seem to take almost completely after their sire, Burt.  So far, it’s been practically impossible for me to get a decent picture of both of them.

Pearl and her boys, shortly after delivery

Baby Poppy, age 12 days, born to Onyx on Easter Sunday

The new goats aren’t the only excitement around town, however.  Garden work is well underway, with a mix of raised beds, straw bale gardens and tilled up pasture space.   The greenhouse is full of tomatoes and green peppers and everything else is being planted in the next few days.  After planting is done, we’re getting to work on preparation for the Farmers’ Market, with plans of selling jams, pickles, baked goods, fresh eggs, and caramel.

The other large spring project is getting the chicken flock built back up after the loss earlier in the year.  A new coop and protected area will be built at the back of the property, and we’ll be getting laying hens to add to the new chicks we’re already raising.


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