Put-up Party

It’s been a busy couple weeks around here on the canning front. The cucumber plants have exploded, and the squash are doing quite admirably, even though the bulk of the garden is suffering drastically from the terrible heat and generally poor soil. We’re learning a lot this year, and I’m making a note for next year that we don’t need to put in QUITE so many cucumber plants if we’re not planning on selling the pickles produced from them.

In the last ten days or so, my dad and I have chopped, sliced, and pickled 50 jars of various goodies to add to the pantry.  A handful of jars are being given away, but the bulk are going right on the shelf with the rest of the canned goods I’ve put up in the past 9 months.  It’s not a ton of stuff, and I haven’t yet scraped the surface of things I REALLY want to can (veggies, stews, soups, and beans) but I’ve learned a lot since I really started preserving, and I feel confident in my ability to not kill everyone I loved with my precious canned goods.

Our totals for this round:

6 pints of yellow watermelon jelly

10 pints of piccalilli

2 quarts and 4 pints of pickled watermelon rind

8 pints of dill pickle spears

9 pints of yellow squash relish

11 pints of sweet pickle relish

Yellow watermelon jelly – easily the prettiest thing we canned

Dill pickle spears, made with garlic and dundicut peppers

Yellow Squash Relish – our garden makes more than we can eat fresh.  I’ll be looking for more canning recipes involving yellow squash in the next few weeks

Aaaannnd, perhaps, the weirdest thing we pickled all week.  Pickled Watermelon Rinds.  Apparently, a southern favorite.  Looking forward to eating these with some pork chops.


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