Peaches: Three Ways

Peaches are one of my favorite, favorite things about summer, and they have the auspicious position of being the first thing I ever canned. Last summer, just a few weeks before we picked up and moved from Colorado to Arkansas, I put up about 12 pounds of beautiful Palisade Peaches. There were a few mistakes made (didn’t do enough to preserve the color of the diced peaches, didn’t allow the preserves to thicken long enough, etc.) but I definitely caught the canning bug.

This year, I was determined to broaden my peach canning horizons. It took us a long time to make it through the diced peaches, and the preserves – while tasty – didn’t replace any of the jams in our fridge rotation. When I happened upon 14 pounds of Ozark peach seconds for just $10, I knew the time had come to fulfill my peach dreams and jammy wishes.

Enter the following new additions to my pantry cast:

Peach Butter – Clean, ever-so-slightly sweet and amazingly peachy. Could be used for other things, I suppose, but it seems sacrilege to put in on anything other than a fresh biscuit.

The recipe is lifted straight from Smitten Kitchen and is absolute perfection as written. Do as you wish for your second attempt, but the first time you make this, do NOT alter it in any way, shape, or form.

Spiced Peach Jam – Vanilla, cardamom, and cinnamon combine to makes peaches taste like Christmas in July. Goes well on… everything, and will probably shine in any homemade holiday baskets toted around a few months from now.

Spiced Peach Jam Recipe

Jalapeno Peach Jam – Just enough heat to really bring out the peach flavor and tone down the sugar required to make a proper jam. Love, love, love this with some brie on a cracker.

Jalapeno Peach Jam Recipe


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