The Swap For Scratch Challenge

60998_3887No one thinks sugar is a perfect food, but is it worth switching to something else?

Our long-term goal for our farm is true sustainability – we grow it, we make it, we eat it.  This, however, is a long-term goal, and will involve not only a lot of work, but a lot of adjustments in how we eat.  It’s much, much easier to grow the tomatoes we’d need for a whole year than it is to grow the wheat we’d need for a whole year.  Eventually, this means we’ll have to start relying on other types of ingredients for the same purposes.  I can grow amaranth, corn, and quinoa in smaller quantities and still meet our needs.  A food forest of nut and fruit trees will give us choices in replacement flours and sweeteners.

But, that’s going to take awhile.

So, what do we do in the mean time?  We focus on eating better: eating locally, eating organically, minimizing GMO, etc.  Sometimes, we can’t do all three, but the point is to eat more deliberately.  To focus on how we’re eating, what we’re eating, and why.  To that end, I’m starting a challenge, for myself, and for anyone else that wants to join me.  Even though we’ve started to replace some of the things we buy with homemade versions, we have a long way to go.  Each week, starting tomorrow, we’re going to work on replacing something we buy with something we make.  I’ll have recipes, techniques, and a verdict: is it worth it?

Join us!  For the next year, we’re going to tackle the easy stuff and the hard stuff.  We’re going to make jam and peanut butter, take a good hard look at the eggs we buy and the oil we saute with.  And each week, we’re going to actually evaluate whether or not it’s worth making the switch.

I’ll be attempting to stick to some sort of schedule with this… each new challenge will be posted on Wednesdays, along with a recipe or two.  If anyone sends in additional recipes, or joins our challenge and posts to their own blog, I’ll provide follow-up the following Tuesday, along with the final “verdict.”  Each week, our focus will be on one of four categories: Condiments, Basic Ingredients, Snacks and Desserts, and Processed and Prepared Meals.

As we go, I’d love for you to submit your recipes and techniques.  If you’re interested in writing a guest post, or submitting a recipe, contact us:



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