SfS Week 3: Tortillas


Tortillas represent a challenge for me in this quest to eat better stuff.  Sure, this quest is about eating healthier: less processed foods, less sugar, better fats, etc., but it’s really about eating better quality food.  Tortillas have also enjoyed a pretty high status in our house.  I don’t buy them every week, but usually every other week.  We eat a lot of tacos, and I love having them around for our oldest kiddo to eat.  We make them into sandwich wraps for lunch, and – don’t tell the bag of tortilla chips – I prefer them for eating queso.

So, this little foray into homemade tortillas did not begin because I necessarily wanted to make them from scratch right now, but because I couldn’t find any decent tortillas at the grocery store.

Yeah.  I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

I’ve lived in the South or the West for my entire adult life.  This journey back to Ohio for the last 7 months has been awesome, except for, apparently, this one little problem.  There’s no decent tortillas to be had that I can easily find.  Sure, sure a few stores carry Mission tortillas, and I find them passable, even if the ingredient list leaves a lot to be desired.  But what’s really lacking for me is a place that sells authentic tortillas in any form.  I’ve been getting by on the green-bagged “homestyle” ones since we’ve moved here, but I’ve really missed what I used to have.

Cue the most recent trips to WholeFoods.  There we are with a fussy infant and a rambunctious toddler and one last item on the list: tortillas.  I’m thinking this should be no big deal, there’s got to be some sort of no-HFCS, no-hydrogenated oils, flat piece of wrappable tortilla-thing, right?

Not so much.

We left empty-handed, I shifted the menu for the week around, and put a big note on my to-do list that looked something like TORTILLAS!!!?

Saturday night was the original planned night.  We had pizza instead.  Sunday night, however, was do or die.  I had the bean and sweet potato mixture in the fridge.  We had an extra dinner guest.  The tortillas were happening, even if I lacked lard (which I did) and even if it took two hours (which it did.)  The end result?  Sadly, it was all just okay.  The flavor was lacking, the texture was decent, and it definitely held all the beans in one place.  I liked working with the dough well enough, but it really wasn’t all I’d hoped for.  So, my goal for this week? Try, try again.  During naptime, once I get some of the amazing lard that our local pork producer renders.  I’ll try another recipe, up the salt, and hopefully get something that turns out delicious enough to stick in the freezer for lunch.

Join me?


The Challenge

Good: Find a more wholesome version of tortillas at your grocery store.  Something that has less than ten ingredients and doesn’t leave a gluey residue in your mouth

Better: If you’re lucky enough to live in a locale that has them, get thee to a local tortilleria that makes their own.  Check the ingredients, and if it all looks authentic, grab ’em up.  Eat one for me.

Best: Have your mexican grandma make some for you.  Make your own!  I tried the recipe from Homesick Texan, and I’m on the lookout for more.  Join me as I research, knead and roll my way to something that tastes good, rolls well, and contains only ingredients I can spell.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have a recipe that I like pretty well (http://tideandthyme.com/fresh-flour-tortillas/. I’m on the lookout for blue corn masa so I can make some blue corn tortillas at home! These look great.


  2. Call your Mexican father-in-law..he makes tortillas all of the time:)


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