And the rain goes on…

I forgot how much it rains in Northeast Ohio. 

Like, really.  It rains a lot here.  The ducks love it, my plants love it, and I love it. 

photo(88)The duck drainage ditch pond.

Late spring is really blowing by.  We’re behind on planting, mostly due to all of the rain and a lot of the cold, but not so behind that it will mess us up.  We lost more tomatoes than I thought, but we were able to replace them at a small Amish greenhouse carrying heirloom seedlings (woot!)  I was thrilled to find ground cherry plants nestled amongst the Amish Paste tomatoes and the Hungarian Hot peppers.  The owner was thrilled to find that I knew what they were.  My three year old was thrilled to find a working garden hose.  Everyone was just so thrilled.  

I’m feeling a little behind on the blog, and a little behind on projects around the homestead, but I’m starting to ease up on expectations.  Posts will be written, storage will be organized and plants will get in the ground.  Remind me of how behind I thought I was in June when there’s three hundred pounds of tomatoes staring at me in August.  We’ll all laugh together. 

The biggest news this week comes from the chicken coop: our mature layers have co-mingled with our pullets and everyone is being just so nice.  There’s a little pecking and squabbling going on, but overall, it’s going so well that I was afraid to even mention it here.  We’ll see how everyone is doing in a few months when there’s eggs to be laid and all the girls want to use the same bucket. 

In other animal news, we’ve well and truly given up hope of any goat babies this year.  Fall breeding was not successful, and unless I can work out a trade with another goat owner in the area, we’re looking at a long, dry summer without lemon chevre and homemade cajeta.  I remember the feelings of panic over having so much goat milk in the fridge and not enough know-how to really use it all.  I no longer have The Goat Milk Fear and welcome any opportunity I may have to correct the total lack of it we’re currently experiencing. 

Every day brings me some new lesson in homesteading and even though I usually feel overwhelmed by it, I’m still able to just enjoy it.  When I get to spend more than ten or fifteen minutes doing anything at a stretch, I try to take the time to just enjoy what we’ve built here, and what’s coming down the pipe. 

I just wanted to add a little note here to say welcome to anyone that’s found their way here through Farm Chit Chat.  I’m super-excited to be a contributor, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Milking Chickens! 




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