Sunday Funday


We’ve had quite a bit of rain in the past few days, and it has definitely shifted projects around on the farm. Today was the day to wrap up some fencing for our newest goats and test the electric pen.

Everything fence-wise has been going well, but it’s certainly been a goaty day. First thing this morning, during feed time, the four girls escaped their barn pen by knocking out the gate latch. They sauntered out of the barn to meet me in the driveway and check out the cars. After helping me round them up, John wrapped up his work on the new pen and we started to move the bucks over.

Getting them rounded up wasn’t too bad, and they walked to the new pen without much drama. Once inside, however, they promptly… Broke a wire and took off.


The second escape proved the more adventurous of the two as I, in my infinite wisdom, attempted to get Mac in on the roundup.

Any dog that thinks a goat needs to be rounded up into our house probably needs some better training.

Goats: 3. People: 0. Dog: 0.

After our failures to get the bucks settled, I suggested we move the ladies to the new pen instead. In my goatley experiences, the females seemed content to be wherever food is. Males just want to be where females are.

We got the girls settled without any hiccups.

Except for the yellow jacket nest they found.


Everyone is still in the same place they started this morning. The yellow jacket nest is dying a spray-laden death, and I got the hoof prints wiped off the dining room floor.

Time for pork chops and a cold beer. It’ll rain again tonight and we can revisit our pen-intentions in the morning. Here’s hoping the goats aren’t up for another adventurous day.


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