Grapefruit Marmalade


Grapefruit Marmalade


3 lbs. grapefruit

12 cups water

1/2 cup lemon juice

4 lbs sugar


1) Begin by peeling skins from grapefruits, leaving just a little pith attached.  Most of the pith should stay attached to the fruit.  Cut each peel into thin strips and all about 2/3 of the peels to a pot (more if you like really bitter marmalade.)  Add 12 cups of water to pot and simmer over low heat while working with the rest of the grapefruit.

2) Supreme the fruit, cutting away all pith and membranes and placing them into a large square of cheesecloth.

3) Roughly chop the grapefruit.  Mix chopped pieces and any juice from the cutting board into the pot of peels.

4) Bundle up all pith and membranes in cheesecloth, and add to pot.  Simmer over medium-low for at least 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

5) Once the peels are soft and the liquid has reduced by about 1/3, add sugar gradually while stirring the marmalade.  Once sugar has dissolved, turn up the heat and bring the mixture to a rolling boil.  Boil for approximately 5-7 minutes, stirring frequently.

6) Ladle into jars and process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes.

Allow your marmalade to sit for a few weeks before use.  It will take time to set.  Using before then will not affect the flavor, just the set.  This will generate a lot of marmalade, depending on how much your liquid reduced before you achieved your desired set.  I got almost 15 half-pint jars out of this recipe.

The flavor and color of this marmalade is amazing!  I love it on toast, with plenty of butter.  It’s probably also excellent used in a cake or in a marinade.


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