Swap for Scratch Challenge


Each week, we’re going to take a good, hard look at the foods we take for granted, and see if we can do better.  Is there an organic version?  A local version?  Something we can make from scratch?  And is it worth making the switch?

Every week, I’ll post a new challenge and a recipe or two to go along with it.  Our readers are invited to participate with us, and the following week, with each new challenge, we’ll take a look at everyone’s results, and decide whether or not it’s worth making the swap.  Join us as we tackle a new food each week.

Each of the foods we’re going to tackle has been divided into one of four categories.  Each category below will be updated as we work our way through the challenge.


Basic Ingredients

Snacks & Desserts

Processed & Prepared Meals

Participating in the challenge?  Add our button, and comment on this page with a link to your blog!

Grab the button!

Swap for Scratch Challenge | Milking Chickens
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